Happy New Year!

happy new year

I want to learn 12 new crafts over the next 12 months that I’ve never tried before using online tutorials and this ‘Needlecraft Encyclopedia’ that I’ve had for years.


These are the crafts I’ve decided on:

January: Crocheting
February: Tatting
March: Calligraphy
April: Hand Quilting
May: Mosaics
June: Handmade Buttons
July: Book Binding
August: Jewellery Making
September: Embroidery
October: Card Making
November: Soap Making
December: Candle Making

Happy New Year!

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9 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. millefleur10 says:

    Hi Kelly, love your New Year’s resolution – great idea! Pity you don’t live a bit nearer, you could come to one of my classes 🙂

  2. rachael50 says:

    Happy New Year to you to Kelly!
    Gosh you’re going to be busy learning but having a lot of enjoyment too. I’ve studied calligraphy before at night classes and covered it at Art College, it’s a great subject.
    Tatting and mosaics are subjects I liked to explore myself and possibly candle making but I won’t have the time this year (again).
    Have fun; I’ll pop back to see how it’s all going.

  3. Hi Rachael,
    How are you? It’s great to hear from you! I’m looking forward to all my little challenges this year. 🙂 I don’t know why tatting is so appealing but it’s beautiful to look at. I’d love to be able to mosaic my porch floor (thank goodness it’s a tiny space!). Kirsty Allsopp’s craft programmes have alot to answer for! 😉

  4. Hi Kelly. Happy New Year!
    I am not seeing you on our C & G group in Ravelry… I finished L2 and now I am on Module 3 – L3. .I am glad to see your New Year’s resolution and understand you are going to be very busy. However, you didn’t include ” How to … Knitting Loom” . I just opened KnitUK Limited, an Online Knitting Store, and I have a good range of Knitting Looms for you to knit without knitting needles! If you would like to give a look, visit http://www.knituk.com.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Alci,
      I’m still on the C & G group on ravelry. I don’t post very often but check in every day to see what’s doing. I seen your post about your new shop and had a look. It looks great. I wish you every success with it! I’m nearly finished module 4. (I’ve been saying that for ages!). I never thought about using knitting looms. Maybe one day I’ll give them a try. What can you make with them?
      Best wishes,

      • Hi Kelly
        If you would like to order these knitting looms from KnitUK website, you and your friends can use the discount code LK13 in order to have 15% OFF ALL in January at http://www.knituk.com and if your order is over £24 we deliver for free! Please, if you need any help you can contact me anytime on contact@knituk.com
        About your question about what you can knit with knitting looms, you can do hats, mittens, pin will table-cloth…and flat panel on the round looms…just to say few things. With the long looms, you are going to have the equivalent of a knitted materion folded in two, as you usually will use the two sides pegs, like a Zig-zag…then you are knitting on the front pegs and linking them with the back pegs. The scarf will be double sided, and won’t have the back side. As the material you knit is doubled it get a thiker texture, very good for table mat and it can looks very fashion. It is easy for me to do it then to describe. But in addition to the simple instruction sheet that come with the knitting looms there are many videos in You Tube to help. Isella Phelps is my favourite author in knitting looms and she literally “knit” and “purl” with them, she explain how to do stitches differently than the knitting looms leaflet, but the stitches are identical to knit and purl and cables and she can do almost everything with them. I’ve knitted socks following her instruction and they are great and I had fun! I have two knitting loom kits on the KITS area and the beautiful girl modelling the hat and scarf (knitted by myself) is my daughter 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    Great list ! You’ve inspired me to write a list for things I actually haven’t tried yet ! Tatting? Great idea ! I have button-making and hand-quilting on an informal list in my head, but it wouldn’t hurt to write it as a task for a month . I also want to make a lazy kate for my spinning wheel. I’ll be following your space here. Nice to meet you !

    • Hi Jen,
      Lovely to see you here! What is a lazy Kate? I’ve never heard of that before. I don’t spin so it’s not familiar jargon to me. I’m going to look out my crochet hook today and not move until I have learned how to make a granny square. Wish me luck! 🙂
      Best wishes,

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