Challenge Kelly.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to see how much I’ve learned since starting my C & G course.  I’m going to design and knit a baby’s aran jumper and call it, “Annie” after my Gran who taught me to knit.  I’ll use the Lion Brand Vanna’s choice baby aran yarn I got a few months ago and try out my Bryspun needles properly.

I treated myself to Ysolda’s new book, ‘Little Red in the City’ to accompany ‘Whimsical Little Knits 1 & 2’ that I bought a while ago.  I’ve not had the chance to read it properly yet but it certainly looks excellent from what I’ve seen so far.

I knitted a couple of egg cosies for my sister which were designed by Suzie Johnson from ‘The Wool Sanctuary’.  They were featured in Kirstie Allsopp’s programme, ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Home’.  They were super quick to knit up and are so cute!

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9 Responses to Challenge Kelly.

  1. Penny says:

    Hi, Kelly! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and admiring your knitting and design projects. It sounds like an interesting course!

    I’ve noticed on your ravelry posts that you say you can’t crochet. You’ll need to come down to central Scotland and I’ll show you how. You’ll pick it up in no time! 🙂 Seeing what you can knit, I know you’d have no trouble once you got started.

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Penny,
      Thanks for that! It’s a great course and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, a lot of work involved though.
      I would love to be able to crochet. I see some beautiful creations of what others are making and I’m green with envy at their talents. You never know, you might find me (and Cuilean) at your door one day, hook and yarn in hand! haha.
      Happy Knitting,
      Kelly. 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Kelly, love your knitting projects, those cosies are mega cute, wish i could knit, well i can do basic plain & purl but beyond that i’m a dunce ;).
    Can’t wait to see what you create with all that knowledge behind you from the course, i’d say that was fun to do!!!
    Crochet’s quite easy to learn, i just followed instructions from attic24, then topped up differant stitches from simple crochet books & other blogs, not so bad!
    Have a great day Kelly, happy knitting 😀
    Karen x

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Karen,
      There’s no such thing as a knitting dunce! – if you can knit and purl you can do anything. Practice makes perfect (so the saying goes!) 😉
      I’m thouroughly enjoying the course, wish there was more hours in the day though!
      I’m determined to learn how to crochet. One of these days I’m going to sit and not move an inch until I have the hang of it. All I want to be able to do is make a granny square, not very adventerous I must admit but I just love the look of them.
      Have a lovely evening,
      Kelly x

  3. Phil says:

    Hi Kelly thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, i have only just seen this. Im glad you commented, now I can follow your blog and see your creations 🙂 Phil

  4. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by my place and leaving your lovely comment. I’m interested to see how you’re getting on with your course having toyed with the idea myself on and off. And it’s lovely to hook up with another Scottish lady – I am still very Scottish even though I’ve lived “doon in Inglund” for 30 years. Looking forward to my next visit to see what you’re knitting next.

  5. Kelly says:

    You should definately go for it! – it’s a good course. I’m thouroughly enjoying it, just wish I had more time though to do it.

  6. Being a realist, I recognise probably wouldn’t have the staying power 😀

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