Module 1 – City & Guilds Knitwear Design. (Certificate).

Hi, and welcome to my blog!  Put your feet up and make yourself comfortable as you read about my foray into Knitwear Design.  At the moment I am studying knitwear design via City & Guilds.  My tutor is Fiona Morris and her website is called, ‘Distance Knitting’.  I will post information and pictures on each module as I do it to show some of the work involved.  Module 1 is made up of three sections – Design, Knitting & General Information.  The design section is about building tone and estimating tone, experimenting with different pens, pencils and paper.  Also included is practicing line and tone by doing a 10 minute sketch and a 45 minute drawing.  I also done a layered landscape using a landscape postcard.  From that, I took rubbings and produced repeat patterns from the rubbings.  There is 6 activities in the design section.

The knitting section is made up of samples of:  cast on & cast offs, selvedges, edges & hems, tension swatches and test swatches.  The knitting section has 5 activities.

The general information section covers things such as setting up your own studio, ie: things you might need for knitting, things you might need for designing, precautions to take in the storage of any of these items and correct maintenance and care of any equipment.

All in all, I enjoyed doing module 1.  There was a lot of work involved but I have found it to be interesting.  I’ve finished module 2 and am waiting on it getting sent back to me so will upload photo’s when I get that back.  I’ve now started module 3 which is a lot more knitting and a lot less arty stuff which suits me better as art was never my strong point at school!

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5 Responses to Module 1 – City & Guilds Knitwear Design. (Certificate).

  1. Ann says:

    What a great idea; blogging about this course you’re taking – I’ll deffintly come back to follow your progress!

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Ann,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I love the mittens you’ve just finished, very beautiful and intricate. As for the secret project – I’m intrigued as to what that will be. The brown and pink yarns are a great colour combination.


  2. pip says:

    … I’ve really enjoyed looking through your work 🙂

  3. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for posting on my blog, always nice to make contact with other bloggers, do stay in touch.

    Just off to do some hoovering.

    Suzie x

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